Ninth Annual Innovator Awards Honor Best in the Industry

Austin, Texas —Tuesday evening, April 9, Student Housing Business presented 23 ​prestigious Innovator Awards to student housing owners, developers, operators, architecture firms and universities for excellence in student housing development, marketing and operations. More than 100 industry experts judged on more

Developers Mull Opportunity Zones

When Aptitude Development began working on The Marshall near the University of Louisville in Kentucky about two years ago, the $50 million, 591-bed student housing project was simply considered a sound development along a corridor undergoing urban renewal. But last

Cottages: Aging Gracefully

When cottage-style student housing developments began cropping up over a decade ago, they were all the rage. Students loved the privacy of their own colorful, stylish house with an inviting front porch and lots of green space for outdoor activities.

Rami Kalla: VR/AR — Giving Residents the Ultimate Tour Experience

Virtual reality (VR) is a trend that is here to stay, especially in the student housing industry. Why? The two biggest student housing consumer groups — millennials and Generation Z — are also the most tech-savvy generations, pushing companies to become

John Hinckley: A Systematic Approach to Resident Engagement

The adoption of recent emerging technologies coupled with a growing focus on delivering a great resident experience presents new opportunities for driving resident retention, connectivity and community engagement.  And it is now more essential than ever. More and more apartment