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Student Housing Business Names Top Owners & Managers
SHB Top 25 Cover
Atlanta – As reported on SHB.com in December, the November/December issue of Student Housing Business researched and surveyed the Top 25 Owners and Managers of student housing properties in the United States.

Heading up the top 25 Owners are:
1. American Campus Communities (Austin, TX), 62,031 beds.
2. Education Realty Trust (Memphis, TN), 27,400 beds.
3. The Collier Companies (Gainesville, FL), 22,467 beds.
4. Copper Beech Townhomes (Boalsburg, PA), 16,107 beds.
5. Place Properties (Atlanta, GA), 15,000 beds.

Leading the Top 25 Managers are:
1. American Campus Communities (Austin, TX), 89,635 beds.
2. Education Realty Trust (Memphis, TN), 37,000 beds.
3. Campus Advantage (Austin, TX), 30,000 beds.
4. Asset Campus Housing (Houston, TX), 28,965 beds.
5. Campus Apartments (Philadelphia, PA), 28,536 beds.

The November/December issue was published in December 2010. Copies of the listing are available for purchase through Student Housing Business magazine by contacting Barbara Sherer at (630) 554-6054 or by email at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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