A New Kind of Conference Call: “The Student Housing Industry Weekly Update”

by Sarah Daniels

Christine Richards, Executive Director of Real Estate Operations at Greystar, and Miles Orth, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Campus Apartments, recently spoke with Randy Shearin and Rich Kelley of Student Housing Business about a vehicle for collaboration in the student housing industry.

Richards and Orth created a weekly conference call for student housing industry operators to share resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting off with a small group, these conference calls have since grown to include hundreds of student housing professionals.

As Richards points out, student housing professionals are eager to share resources and compare notes: “Nobody has been through this before — none of us — and we have a lot of smart people in the industry, so the premise was to get everyone together on one call so we’re not all reinventing the wheel separately.”

Listen to Richards and Orth describe how the community they have fostered is expanding and evolving. These two experts talk about how some campuses are looking to reduce density in on-/off-campus housing, classrooms, stadiums and facilities. They also delve into health checks, staying connected and their hopes for the future of student housing.

This interview is the basis of an article running in the May/June edition 2020 of Student Housing Business magazine. See the full digital edition here. For information on subscribing to the print magazine, visit http://www.studenthousingbusiness.com/subscribe.


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