American Campus Commences Construction on $19.3 Million Hall at NAU

by Katie Sloan

Flagstaff, Ariz. — The Suites Phase II will add 328 beds to the campus of the third-largest university in Arizona.

The Suites Phase I opened in 2012.Flagstaff, Ariz. — American Campus Communities has begun constructing phase II of one of its on-campus properties at Northern Arizona University. The Suites phase II will add a $19.3 million, 328-bed residence hall to the campus. The Suites phase I was completed in fall 2012, along with Hilltop Townhomes, accounting for 1,126 beds owned and operated on-campus. Phase II will offer suite-style, fully-furnished units that will include cable television, Internet and all utilities. Within each of the two four-story buildings, every two residential floors will share a two-story neighborhood amenity space that provides residents with day-to-day facilities including laundry, kitchenette, study rooms and social lounges. Phase II will also share the 12,428-square-foot community center built during phase I. These projects each have been financed via ACC’s equity program, ACE.

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