Blue Vista Capital: Focusing on the Right Opportunities

by Jaime Lackey

Peter Stelian, CEO and co-founder of Blue Vista, knows there’s increased competition in the market. He also knows that there are development challenges to overcome that may weed out some of the players.

Stelian notes, for example, that more than 20 percent of all projects delivered in 2018 failed to meet their construction schedules. This is due to a variety of factors, including labor costs and shortages, in addition to the fact that many projects nowadays are much more complex than they were decades ago.

To complete in the market, Blue Vista seeks out unique opportunities. Stelian is particularly interested in meeting with owners of land or assets that aren’t necessarily accessible to the rest of the student housing community. He also prefers regions where his properties can serve the housing needs of multiple schools, which is the case at one of Blue Vista’s Chicago-area assets.

Watch the interview to hear more insights as Stelian discusses the value of unique investment opportunities.

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