Campus Apartments Partners With RoomSync

by Katie Sloan

Philadelphia — A Facebook-powered roommate-selecting app will be offered to residents at all Campus Apartments-owned properties and a portion of those it third-party manages.

Philadelphia — Campus Apartments has formed a partnership with RoomSync, a company that uses Facebook to conduct roommate matching. Beginning spring 2014, residents will be able to use the RoomSync app to browse for a compatible roommate based on a variety of topics, including interests, mutual friends and academic majors. This tool empowers students to choose a roommate whom they feel best fits their living environment, rather than relying on the traditional process of site staff manually assigning roommates based on questionnaires.

Once a resident selects a compatible roommate on RoomSync, the property’s leasing office receives a full roommate report, eliminating the paper process entirely. The matching service will be available to Campus Apartments’ owned properties and a portion of third party managed communities. Each property will have a Campus Apartments.




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