Fall Update: Student Housing Moves Past the Pandemic

“Last year, we were concerned with COVID-19, and this year, we’re concerned with transactions,” begins Donna Preiss, founder and CEO of The Preiss Co. The sentence which perfectly encapsulates the status of the industry at the dawn of the new

Today’s Development Trends: Living ‘Large’ in Student Housing

Like other industries, COVID was an accelerator for certain trends within student housing. These include a focus on health and wellness, a premium on personal space/privacy, and an increased reliance on technology. Though many developments halted during the pandemic, construction

Roommate Matching Software Gains Popularity

Choosing a roommate, like many other things, has gone digital. “These days, ‘there’s an app for that’ really is the mantra,” says Katrina Pawvluk, director of housing operations at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. Housing officials like Pawvluk and