CU-Bolder Hall Goes LEED Platinum

by Katie Sloan

Boulder, Colo. — First hall of its size to get highest LEED rating.  

The solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on the carport at at the Williams Village North residence hall produce approximately 145,000 kilowatt hours per year of electricity.Boulder, Colo. — The Williams Village North residence hall that opened in August has received a LEED platinum rating from the United States Green Building Council. The 500-bed facility is the first of its size to receive the platinum grade.

The $46.5 million hall is projected to be 40 percent more energy and water efficient than comparably sized code-compliant buildings.

The building gets 12.5% of its energy from on-site solar panels. Other green features include low-flow water fixtures in sinks, showers and toilets, and native landscaping that requires little or no watering.

This is CU-Boulder’s first platinum building. The campus has eight other buildings that are LEED gold and one with a silver designation. All future new or renovated buildings on campus will be at least LEED gold certified, with the goal of attaining platinum whenever possible, says Moe Tabrizi, campus sustainability director.

– Lynn Peisner

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