CUBE 3: Maximizing Space Requires Creative Thinking

by Jaime Lackey

Nik Middleton, founding and senior partner / CEO of CUBE 3, knows it’s important to do more with less when it comes to today’s student housing. That’s because proximity to campus has become more important than ever.

Middleton has seen the industry evolve, with residents placing a premium on assets closer to campus. This has caused investor interest to shift from suburban sites a few miles from campus to urban, high-rise settings within mere yards of a university.

Building upward has placed constraints on spaces, meaning developers have to maximize every square foot. This includes social spaces, which have become more essential than ever. Remaining flexible and creative are the keys to success in the current market, Middleton asserts. This has led to some reinvention within the industry, as it has become clear no one size or formula is effective for every community or project.

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