Greystar Launches Scholarship Program with Sacramento State University

by Katie Sloan

Sacramento, Calif. — Greystar Real Estate Partners has launched the Hornet Helping Hands Scholarship at Sacramento State University, a need-based student housing scholarship for its Hornet Commons project opening this fall.

With an initial investment of $150,000 seed funded by Greystar and sponsors, the scholarship will provide full housing to underrepresented and economically disadvantaged students each year.

“Studies prove that living on-campus supports student success in higher education, and we know that housing and non-academic costs remain one of the largest obstacles for students seeking higher education,” says Julie Skolnicki, senior managing director of Greystar University Partnerships.

“Access to and the affordability of higher education is a core value of our university partnerships and development teams, so we are thrilled to establish our pilot program at Sacramento State to reduce housing insecurities for students in our communities for years to come,” she says. 

Contributors include Steinberg Hart, Sundt Construction, Largo Concrete, BuildGroup, Conco, LDI Mechanical, Devcon Construction, Power Design Inc., Target, and Helix Electric.

“Sacramento State’s partnership with Greystar has not only added 1,100 more beds to our campus; the partnership will also provide scholarships that will help our students sleep in those beds,” says Sacramento State President Robert S. Nelson. “I want to thank Greystar and everyone working at Hornet Commons for ensuring that Sacramento State is a welcoming and caring University.”

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