Holladay Properties Builds Second Small Community Near Notre Dame

by Katie Sloan

South Bend, Ind. — The developer is keeping them small to ensure ‘tight community.’

The Belfry will have historical architectural details, including two antique bells from New Orleans.South Bend, Ind.  — Holladay Properties will develop a student-housing property near the Notre Dame campus. This project comes on the tails of Darby Row, a 35-bed community with eight four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath units plus three one-bedroom, one-bath units that opened in June.

At the dedication of Darby Row, Holladay announced its next project, The Belfry, which will be a 16,800-square-foot development with 18 units and 36 bedrooms in a variety of configurations. The Belfry will include parapets that will hold two 120-year-old bells that will be shipped from New Orleans.

Each unit in The Belfry will be fully furnished, with bedroom and living room sets as well as 50-inch flat screen TVs. Each bedroom will have its own bathroom. Construction will be complete June 2013.

The Belfry’s name comes from a story that began with the origin of one of its cross streets, Campeau. According to the archives of Notre Dame University, “in 1844 there was a bell of excellent tone in the college steeple. When the church, the predecessor of the current church, was built, a Mr. Gregory Campeau constructed a belfry said to be beautiful over the sanctuary.”

“We are incorporating these fantastic, 350 pound, historical, cast iron bells into the building façade in such a way as to pay homage to Mr. Campeau, an early contributor to Notre Dame architecture, while providing a meaningful and fun way to differentiate our exciting building,” says Holladay Properties Vice President of Development Drew Mitchell. “We are thrilled to be a part of the spectacular revitalization that is occurring on the Notre Dame Avenue corridor south of campus.”

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