MJW Investments: Overbuilding Adds Challenges to the Marketplace

by Jaime Lackey

Mark Weinstein, president and founder of MJW Investments, knows a good thing when he sees it. That’s how he got into the student housing industry. But in recent years, many other multifamily developers have segued into student housing, resulting in overbuilding in some areas, such as around Texas A&M. Weinstein does think the tide is turning a bit and the number of players is causing a slowdown, but he doesn’t foresee doom and gloom.

Rather, he believes investors and developers will have to work a little harder for that profit. For Weinstein, that involves acquiring B and C properties near Pac-12 and Big 10 schools with barriers to entry that prevent such overbuilding. His sweet spot is value-add assets with operational potential that can be cash flow positive within a year.

Watch the full interview to see insights from Weinstein.

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