NAA Launches Program to Help More People Get CAM-Certified

by Katie Sloan

Arlington, Va. — Certified Apartment Manager credentials and coursework lend strength and accountability to profession and get people interested in careers in the multifamily industry, NAA says.

Arlington, Va. — The National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI) is offering a second chance to those in the apartment industry who started but did not complete their Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) designation within the past seven years.


NAAEI recently launched its CAMnesty program, which is expected to run through March 2014. Under the program, people who have previously completed all of the requirements for the CAM designation except for the community analysis or course exam can pay a fee, complete a new course module and take the exam to earn their professional designation. The fee varies based on when individuals started the CAM course. If they started more than two years ago, they would pay $250 to participate in the program. If more than two years have passed, the fee would be $350.


“The CAMnesty program gives us a way to help people finish work they have already started and invested time and money in,” said NAAEI President William Wollinger, CAPS, SHCM. “People who hold the CAM designation are better prepared to succeed in our industry. They also help us build awareness about the exciting career opportunities available in property management and in the apartment industry as a whole.”


Having that professional designation also is important because hiring companies look for it, he said. It demonstrates to others that the person holding the CAM is an apartment industry professional who has made the commitment to continuing their education and to staying current with industry best practices and trends.


CAMnesty is the latest step by NAAEI to update its CAM program to better meet the needs of today’s adult learners. In the spring, NAAEI launched its revised CAM course in which a scenario-based exam replaced a community analysis project. That change – along with others – was based on feedback received from students, CAM faculty and NAAEI affiliates.


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