Scion Advisory Services Launches Strategic Housing Planning Service

by Katie Sloan

Chicago — Scion Advisory Services has launched a Stategic Housing Planning service. The collaborative planning service was designed to help colleges and institutions make critical and strategic decisions regarding their on-campus housing programs. 

The service will help colleges and universities determine if their current housing program appropriately supports its institutional mission; how to improve existing facilities to best support the needs of today’s students and anticipate future student needs; and address aging facilities and make them more attractive to students. 

The new service will also help institutions convey to university leadership the impact of aging facilities on the student experience, and prioritize buildings for significant renovations or for decommissioning and new construction. The firm can also help determine the impact decommissioning older buildings and renovating will have on departmental cash flow, as well as chart strategies and financing options for repair, replacement and construction. 

“We created this option to go beyond the limitations of a traditional single-building feasibility study by providing a complete assessment of a campus housing program,” says Jay Pearlman, senior vice president of the Chicago-based firm. “For an institution not needing a full facilities condition assessment or a design exercise, a ‘Strategic Housing Plan’ can provide the value of a full housing master plan at a reduced cost and in a much shorter timeframe. Our team is ready and eager to serve the higher education community with these new customized consulting services.”

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