Student Housing Execs Tour Middle East to Learn More About International Students

by Katie Sloan

Austin, Texas — Six American universities have branches in Qatar’s Education City, one of the stops on the tour.

Austin, Texas — Campus Advantage CEO Mike Peter and Vice President for Residence Life Dan Oltersdorf will join representatives from other student housing firms and universities on an international study tour to the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The tour is being organized by several student housing/affairs trade associations for the purpose of providing participants with a greater understanding of Middle Eastern higher education. International student enrollment in the United States currently sits at a record high of 764,495, according to research compiled by the Open Doors institute. The trip includes visits to several Doha-area universities including Qatar University and Education City, the site of several schools teaching younger children through advanced degree-seekers and researchers, as well as an educational symposium in Abu Dhabi. “Universities across the globe are seeing increases in their numbers of international students,” says Mike Peter, Co-founder of Campus Advantage. “At the same time, U.S.-based student housing companies are looking overseas to expand their property portfolios. That means these companies must know how to operate effectively in those countries and in ways that are sensitive to local cultures.” The trip will take place June 19 to June 30.


— Katie Sloan



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