Webinar: How to Market Seniors Housing Properties Despite Coronavirus

Coronavirus concerns are creating operational challenges across all sectors of multifamily properties, especially seniors housing. While seniors housing operators have protocols in place for keeping residents safe, the current mass quarantine environment is limiting the typical interaction with potential residents and their families. During this unprecedented time, marketing and sales professionals must continue to connect and engage with prospects, both existing and new. Learn what alternate lead generation options are available to continue to work toward 2020 sales and marketing goals.

On Wednesday, March 31 at 2 p.m. EST on Wednesday, March 31, tune in to this webinar to learn more about how to market seniors housing properties through the uncertainty of the coronavirus crisis. This event is sponsored by Leading Response and hosted by France Media’s Seniors Housing Business magazine.

Webinar: Finding Operational Success in Seniors Housing

Spurred by increased industry competition and opportunity from the long-awaited baby boomer arrival, seniors housing executives with operating experience are launching management companies. It’s a start-up wave occurring amidst a surge in construction. Owners and investors, looking for new approaches,