The Scion Group Launches Four Student Housing Community Brands

by Katie Sloan

Chicago — The Scion Group has launched four new brands of student housing communities designed to appeal to different student personalities and price points. The newly unveiled brands, as described by Scion, include: 

  • Alight: these properties are designed for residents who are focused on working hard to achieve what they came to college to do.
  • Lark: these communities are focused on the right amount of support and leisure.
  • Redpoint: are designed for students with an independent streak. Redpoint properties are about space, with a focus on creating resident experiences that are open, inclusive and adventurous.
  • Ion: The Ion brand is designed for students seeking a more exclusive experience. These communities are geared toward residents who are attuned to cultural developments and who seek a high-energy, creative environment.

“Students aren’t one-dimensional people, so their housing options shouldn’t be one size fits all,” says Mitchell Smith, COO of Chicago-based Scion. “We have taken a ‘one size fits none’ approach and created four distinct brands. The brand experience is curated for the different personalities and lifestyle interests of the thousands of students we have gotten to know. Scion is re-imagining what student living can be.”

“The new Scion family of brands that we are rolling out today is a true innovation in the way that student housing assets are owned and operated,” says Rob Bronstein, president and founder of Scion. “The Scion Group is celebrating our 20th anniversary in business this year. Our experiential branding strategy is informed by those two decades of advising colleges and universities and operating student communities.”

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