The Scion Group Plays the Long Game

by Jaime Lackey

Rob Bronstein, co-founder of The Scion Group, started his firm as a two-person operation back in 2000. Today, the company maintains a portfolio valued at more than $5 billion with 70,000-plus beds and 1,400 employees. Bronstein believes his firm’s longevity in the market is due to just that ­ having a longer-term outlook that doesn’t get too bogged down in the inevitable market hiccups that happen year to year.

Scion continues to deploy that strategy today as it re-enters acquisition mode after taking some time to absorb its last round of purchases in 2018. Bronstein notes the company targets large, flagship, public institutions where it can scale and buy up three to four complementary assets in one market. Having a long-term outlook has also been an advantage when it comes to employee retention, though Bronstein admits this is a competitive environment for the best talent.

Watch the interview to hear more about The Scion Group’s long-term viewpoint in the video above.

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