Unmanned Stores Serve College Students 24/7

by Katie Sloan
Oneonta, N.Y. — Self-serve, ATM-like machines dispense convenience-store fare.

Oneonta, N.Y. — Hungry and harried SUNY students can now buy their Ho-Ho’s and dental floss from a robot. Two Shop24 locations have opened at the State University of New York Oneonta and New Paltz. The refrigerated machines offer up to 175 products ranging in weight from 1 ounce to 8 pounds.

The kiosks accept cash, credit and custom cards, such as campus-issued credit account cards. The products the machines dispense range from toilet paper and deodorant to snacks, drinks and full meals. The “shops” are approximately 9 feet high and take up about 136 square feet.

The company says four more will be installed on college campuses over the next couple of months and others are planned for apartments near college campuses. The company, based in Columbus, Ohio, has delivered its robotic stores to clients in 15 countries, with approximately 250 locations around the world.

To learn more about Shop24, click here.

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