Webinar: How to Maintain Leasing Velocity in Today’s Environment

by Sarah Daniels

Student housing experts and Student Housing Business hosted a webinar to discuss how companies can maintain leasing velocity in 2020 in spite of the uncertainty created by COVID-19. Click here to listen to their expert opinions and their advice for what’s to come in the world of leasing.

In this one-hour webinar with Q&A session, student housing professionals discuss the following questions:

  • How are owners and operators generating interest and getting (electronic) signature on leases?
  • What strategies are student housing professionals employing and what are they learning along the way?
  • Will remote tours be the way of the future?
  • What’s the best way to use social media in the midst of social distancing?
  • How are they promoting and sustaining their successes into the future?

Also, discussed: the practicalities of relying on states and universities for information, shortening turnaround times for video tours and presentations and finding helpful vendors with student housing expertise. Experts elaborate on maintaining student and parent interest in properties — even in the face of physical separation.

Webinar sponsor: VR Student Housing creates hyper-realistic virtual reality tour experiences for lease up communities with a virtual leasing agent guiding prospects every step of the way. This allows for students to tour a community long before completion, leading to higher conversion rates. The same experience is able to be shared online and via social media, generating higher-qualified leads. VR Student Housing’s portable viewers and software allow staff to not only give tours in the leasing office, but also on campus and in housing fairs.

Panelists discussing their thoughts on COVID-19, leasing and student housing:

  • Jake Jarman, COO & Principal, Redstone Residential
  • Mason McConathy, Director of Marketing, University Partners
  • Chris Gardner, Managing Partner, Jumpem
  • Chris Vasilakis, CEO & Co-Founder, VR Student Housing

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