Webinar: Increase Student Housing NOI & Equity Value with Water-Leak Mitigation Technology

by Sarah Daniels


The March 24 webinar “Increase Student Housing NOI & Equity Value with Water-Leak Mitigation Technology,” hosted by Seniors Housing Business and sponsored by Sensor Industries, focused on how monitoring systems and leak sensors can play a key role in reducing water costs, alerting student housing staff to leak issues and conserving water for on- and off- student housing communities.

Host David Duckwitz, CEO of Sensor Industries, used case studies to illustrate how network-connected toilet and flood sensors can give insight to water use on a regular basis and can sound the alarm if flooding occurs. Pinpointing leaks and flooding early can also save owners and operators thousands in insurance claims.

Water inefficiencies, leaks and flooding can negatively impact net operating income (NOI) for student housing. These high-tech, simple-to-install sensors offer a way to monitor water/sewer utility costs and provide a way to keep costs low and buildings safe from leaks. Avoiding higher insurance premiums and cutting down on costly water damage can result in a quick ROI for these systems.

A brief question and answer session at the end of this webinar delves into interesting considerations such as maintenance, internet connectivity (and redundancy considerations), text message alerts, and how to cope with extended period of non-use in student housing communities.

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The webinar is sponsored by Sensor Industries, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) company bringing new operational efficiency, increased net operating income and water and energy conservation to owners and residents of multifamily and seniors housing communities. To learn more about Sensor Industries visit, www.sensorindustries.com.

Listen to hear how student housing facilities can improve NOI by avoiding leaks and costly insurance claims.

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