Student Housing Data Analysis Panel

Webinar: Navigating the Future: Student Housing Year-End Data Analysis + Forecast

by Sarah Daniels

The Oct. 5 webinar “Navigating the Future: Student Housing Year-End Data Analysis + Forecast,” hosted by Student Housing Business and sponsored by College House, focused on student housing by the numbers.

What do the latest metrics from College House’s year-end report say about leasing performance and occupancy, average rate per bed, floor plan trends, stats by tiered enrollment, the proximity leasing landscape, product type, delivery performance, top markets and more?

What do experts in the student housing space see in the data? What trends and factors are shaping their outlook for this year and next?

Learn more about these topics and more from this one-hour webinar:

  • (1:33) Discussion of College House’s year-end report (download the presentation slides here)
  • (10:46) Assessing and planning for this year, plus strategies for 2024
  • (13:29) Market-by-market success with clients
  • (15:58) Brokerage-side considerations
  • (22:19) Game plan for assessing buying opportunities, plus a discussion of costs
  • (24:02) Themes for developers — delivery, communication, lease-ups
  • (28:56) Renewals and implementing data to drive strategy
  • (32:37) Supply and demand trends
  • (38:30) Student housing capital markets
  • (41:49) Outlook for next year


  • Charlie Matthews, College House (moderator)
  • Josh Troxel, Walton Street Capital
  • Teddy Leatherman, JLL
  • Casey Petersen, PeakMade Real Estate
  • Jason Fort, Asset Living

This webinar is sponsored by College House. College House is a data aggregation and analytics platform that provides access to detailed, accurate and timely student housing market data and insights. College House collects data directly from student housing operators each week, so information is fresh and accurate at the floorplan level. To learn more, visit

Learn how year-end student housing data analysis is illuminating the market landscape for the last quarter of 2023 and into 2024. Register here to listen to the discussion and find out what metrics are shaping the world of student housing.

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