Webinar: Package Management — Best Practices for On- and Off-Campus Student Housing in the COVID-19 Era

by Sarah Daniels

Pre-pandemic, package management for both on- and off-campus housing was becoming more challenging as the convenience of online shopping became increasingly important for student residents. When COVID-19 hit, already high levels of e-commerce increased exponentially overnight. Year-over-year package volumes increased more than 90 percent in some cases, bringing package management practices to the forefront in student housing properties nationwide.

Multifamily property managers — and student housing managers in particular, have been working to find the best solution to store and deliver packages to residents, and to communicate with residents who have had packages delivered.

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  • Brian Paich, Package Concierge
  • Jessica Armstrong, American Campus Communities
  • Howie Glassman, New York University
  • Michael Baker, Notifii
  • Sneha Lakkaraju, Notifii (Moderator)

Webinar sponsor: For the last 10 years, Notifii has been moving the day-to-day notification systems for property and facility managers to the cloud — to make everyday communications quick and painless. From package management to resident notices, power your onsite office with Notifii.

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