Webinar: Student Housing Case Study — Partnering with a Custom Furniture Fabricator Brings a Vision to Life

by Sarah Daniels


The March 28 webinar “Student Housing Case Study — Partnering with a Custom Furniture Fabricator Brings a Vision to Life,” hosted by Student Housing Business and sponsored by Morgan Li, covered important questions in the world of student spaces. This hour-long presentation focused on case studies in the industry and what can go right when partnerships take on design goals, modular approaches, production issues and more — as a team.

Learn more about these topics and more:

  • The benefits of modularity and why it’s becoming so popular.
  • What design trends are students excited about?
  • Design and modularity: what role will they play in the future?
  • Putting together a design vision that differs from what’s currently available in the market
  • Goals for design — best practices and practical approaches
  • How finish plays a role in furniture
  • Build-to-spec furniture trends and benefits
  • Leveraging domestic and import production capabilities to tackle freight & supply chain issues

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  • Andy Rosenband, CEO, Morgan Li (moderator)
  • Diana Lu Barabe, co-founder, Roomy
  • Jonathan Rosenband, president, Morgan Li
  • Mitchell Dalton, chief innovation officer, Core Spaces

Morgan Li specializes in custom design, fabrication and installation of fixtures, furniture and graphics. Family-owned and operated, Morgan Li has millions of square feet of global production space, offices throughout the United States and Asia, and clients around the world.

Listen to hear  how partnership is at the heart of great student housing furniture and design. Learn how teamwork between designers, furniture manufacturers and student housing owners and operators can make for an improved product that makes for a great experience for students and ticks all the boxes.

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