Webinar: Student Housing Furniture and Wellness — Designing Healthy Spaces

by Sarah Daniels

In this hour-long webinar presented Nov. 19, furniture and design experts discussed how surroundings are connected to wellness, comfort and feelings of safety and well-being for many students.

In the webinar titled “Student Housing Furniture and Wellness — Designing Healthy Spaces,” panelists from University Furnishings explore what makes a student feel at home. Topics include biophilic design, noise reduction and best practices when it comes to cleaning and maintaining resident spaces.

Health and safety have never been more important to students, and this webinar focuses on how to provide what they need to thrive.

Some topics covered and their timestamps are below:

(3:34) Biophilic design
(8:52) Trending textures and colors
(18:05) Noise mitigation — design solutions
(28:30) Sustainability and eco-anxiety
(35:33) Spatial planning and utilization
(42:16) Approaches to cleaning: discussion on antimicrobials, UV lights and the impacts of COVID-19

For a copy of the presentation slides, email [email protected].


  • Wesley Andrews, design consultant
  • Alejandro Hernandez, design engineer
  • Laurie Provin, senior director of marketing & communications (Moderator)

Webinar sponsor: University Furnishings is a global furniture design and manufacturing firm based in Texas. They offer their clients unparalleled service and will do whatever it takes to maintain their reputation as the trusted leader in furniture solutions for student housing. They deliver a seamless client experience, giving total peace of mind from concept design to delivery and installation and beyond. At University Furnishings, their top priority is to make clients and residents as comfortable as possible.

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