Airwave Networks Rolls Out Gigabit Wireless Microcells to the Student Housing Industry

by Katie Sloan

Annapolis, Md. — Gi-Fi provides an upgrade that promises faster, clearer service. It is being tested at one property and will be available next month.

Annapolis, Md. — Airwave Networks has introduced a new wireless service that provides up to one gigabit of wireless service to any residential unit. Airwave’s Gi-Fi service utilizes a managed microcell configuration to accomplish higher wireless Internet speeds.


“Our microcell Gi-Fi service addresses many of the issues surrounding the delivery of amenity wireless system in student housing complexes,” says Bill Rinard, CEO of Airwave Networks. “It virtually eliminates RF interference problems and provides reliable high quality video downloads. It represents a real and viable option for scalable, wireless upgrade solutions for our customers.”


The Airwave Networks’ RF design set the objective to develop a solution that provided for timely wireless upgrades for ultra-high bandwidth users at student communities. “Gi-Fi microcells are a cost effective, state-of-the-art resident wireless solution, which meets the technological and economic needs of this market,” says John Baloga, CIO of Airwave Networks.


The wireless service is currently in test at one Airwave Networks-served property, and the company expects to offer Gi-Fi capability to all of its customers by the beginning of March.


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