Roxy Wu: The Surprising Demographic Fueling Operator Profits

The U.S. has long been the most sought-after destination for international students, with the country attracting millions of young, ambitious people from across the world every year.  Chinese families are particularly interested in a U.S.-based education for their children —

Andrew Layton: The Wild World of Student Housing

It is wild to think that 24 months ago I was sitting in the same room that I am sitting in now thinking whether my lifelong dream of building a company was ending abruptly. In March 2020, my colleagues at

Dave Duckwitz: Why Monitoring Your Blue is the New Green

Water leak monitoring should be an integral part of your sustainability and conservation efforts. Sustainability and conservation started as trends, but have turned into a combined green movement that has taken root in student housing property development and construction —

Janis Rossi: How Internet Connectivity Can Impact Your Community

The importance of internet connectivity in our lives today goes without question and is considered by many a ‘technical utility,’ or an offering as common as water and electricity to most residents. It’s difficult for many to imagine not having