Student Housing Furniture Blends Flair with Toughness

Just as modern student housing suites are rendering the utilitarian college dorm rooms of past generations obsolete, more stylish furniture options in today’s units have replaced yesterday’s purely functional and no-frills standard. Considering the habits of the average college renter

Roxy Wu: The Surprising Demographic Fueling Operator Profits

The U.S. has long been the most sought-after destination for international students, with the country attracting millions of young, ambitious people from across the world every year.  Chinese families are particularly interested in a U.S.-based education for their children —

The Changing Nature of International Students

The international student population is shifting, and the culprit is an obvious one: COVID. It’s a term we’re all tired of hearing, but the effects continue to play out, particularly on university campuses and in housing communities. The good news