Axiometrics Acquires Trinitas’ Research Database

by Katie Sloan

Lafayette, Ind. —Trinitas has collected data from 130 student markets that include approximately 1 million beds.

Lafayette, Ind. — Axiometrics Inc. will acquire Trinitas Ventures’ student housing market research database, which includes data from approximately 130 student housing markets, including more than 3,200 properties, 500,000 units and 1 million beds.



Trinitas developed its market research team and supporting proprietary database and software to understand each potential market. Trinitas gathers on-campus and off-campus apartment information, state, city and university data as well as analyzes the data that indicate attractive student housing markets. “We have used our proprietary market research to find great development opportunities and also to avoid investments in markets that are revealed as unhealthy upon a deeper investigation,” says Loren King, chief executive officer for Trinitas.




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