Phase II of Historical Housing Project Wraps at University of Louisiana

by Katie Sloan

Lafayette, La. — The residence halls that are being replaced were built between 1939 and 1950.

Phase I and II included demolition of five residence halls, construction of four new halls and repurposing two other halls.Lafayette, La. — Juneau Construction Company completed phase II of the Taft/Tulane and Rose Garden Housing replacement program for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL) this summer. Ground was broken for the project in May 2011. The developer is Ambling University Development Group, the owner is Ragin’ Cajun Facilities, the architect is Niles Bolton Associates and Carter is the program manager for the $100 million project.

With the newly constructed Baker, Huger, Bonin, and Coronna Halls, and the renovation of Harris Hall, the university begins the 2012 fall semester with nearly 3,000 beds and approximately 460,000 square feet of newly constructed space.

The entire 2010-2012 construction of phase I and II included the demolition of five residence facilities, construction of four new residence halls along with the repurposing of two existing residence halls, renovation of a historic residence hall, and the construction of a new parking structure. The project to date has provided the university with more than 1,800 new beds and approximately 850 spaces of structured parking.

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