SHB’s Top 25 Owners & Managers Issue Released

by Katie Sloan

Atlanta — Preview of 10 leaders in each category.  

Atlanta  — The November/December 2011 issue of Student Housing Business, now on its way to subscribers, ranks the Top 25 Owners and Managers of Student Housing. This annual listing again lists the companies who own and manage the largest number of beds in the industry. The surveys were conducted this fall, with respondents requested to complete the survey with data accurate as of October 31, 2011.


Topping the Owners list for 2011:


1. American Campus Communities
2. The Collier Companies
3. Education Realty Trust (EDR)
4. Campus Crest Communities
5. Copper Beach Townhome Communities
6. Campus Living Villages
7. Campus Apartments
8. The Preiss Company
9. The Woodlark Companies
10. Horizon Realty Advisors



Leading the Managers list for 2011:

1. American Campus Communities
2. Asset Campus Housing
3. Education Realty Trust (EDR)
4. Campus Apartments
5. Capstone Companies
6. Campus Advantage
7. The Collier Companies
8. Campus Living Villages
9. Ambling Student Housing
10. Peak Campus Companies


The complete Top 25 Student Housing Owners and Managers lists, complete with
company information, ranking, number of beds and other data, are available
for purchase here: Student Housing Business Top 25 lists.


For more information, please contact Randall Shearin, Editor, at
[email protected]





– Randall Shearin

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