University of Miami Resumes Construction on $335 Million Residential Village

by Katie Sloan

Miami — The University of Miami has resumed construction on Centennial Village, a $335 million residential village for first-year students, after pausing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Initially designed to include four residential colleges offering 1,700 beds for first-year students, plans for the project now call for an added fifth residential college, bringing the total estimated occupancy to approximately 2,025 students.

The project’s two-phase construction plan was also amended, with Hecht Residential College set to close in May 2022 followed by Stanford Residential College in May 2024. Centennial Village’s first two residential colleges are slated to open in fall 2024 and will include a new dining hall. The village’s final three residential colleges are expected to open in fall 2026.

The University contracted with VMDO Architects and Zyscovich Architects to design the project. Coastal Construction will manage demolition and construction. 

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