Greenville, N.C. — The four-acre, 550-bed complex is located directly across the street from the university and within walking distance to Greenville’s downtown and entertainment district.


San Diego, Calif. — Matthew Maruccia and Maureen Lannon move into advanced roles within the investment, management and development firm.

Memphis, Tenn. — The index measures the small cap segment of the U.S. equity market.

San Jose, Calif. — Sundt Construction is the design-build contractor; Solomon Cordwell Buenz is the architect for the 850-bed Campus Village Phase 2 project.

Columbia, S.C. and Auburn, Ala. — EdR will use the combined price of $29.9 million to pay off some mortgage debt and pay down an outstanding balance on the REIT's unsecured revolving credit facility.

College Park, Md. — The Enclave at 8700 is near the University of Maryland.


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