ConService: The Proper Utilization of Utilities

by Jaime Lackey

Utilities — they’re a much-needed expense without which, we are left in the dark — literally! Kim MacInnes, regional sales manager for ConService, knows exactly how much the cost of electricity, water, sewage and gas can impact the bottom line of student housing developers and operators, as well as their college residents. For these reasons, ConService emphasizes conservation practices and utility monitoring technology to keep these bills in check.

ConService offers a variety of advanced analytics reporting that dives into the true cost of utility usage and energy savings. These tools are particularly useful for owner-operators as well as the residents, many of whom have never had to worry about turning off a light, setting a thermostat or conserving water before heading to college.

Watch the video to hear MacInnes’ best practices when it comes to energy conservation and future sustainability efforts.

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