For Rent Media Solutions Launches Student Site

by Katie Sloan

Norfolk, Va. — Students and parents can search for off-campus options in different university markets. The site also features a social media component.

Norfolk, Va. — For Rent Media Solutions has launched an online community listings service for students and parents called The platform was designed to help advertisers reach larger and more targeted audiences.

Since launching a beta version for testing in October, has developed the website to offer by-the-bed pricing, searchable student-specific amenities, a search-by-distance-to-campus feature as well as some social media components that interact with parents, students, and universities.

During the beta testing, offered its customers within a 15-mile radius of a university a complimentary online advertisement on the website. Advertisers during this time reported increased online exposure to student renters and increased leads, according to For Rent Media Solutions. conducted a student survey about the search habits and deciding factors that students use when looking for off-campus housing. The research formed marketing strategies that will use to build a community’s presence. also worked with student focus groups and universities for the same goal of gaining insight into online search habits. customers will have the opportunity to gain access to FRSocialUniversity – a social platform offering management, expansive education and reputation monitoring for communities.

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