Student Housing Business Industry Survey: The Impact of COVID-19

by Katie Sloan

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a major impact on all aspects of on- and off-campus student housing. In an attempt to better assess that impact and the sector’s outlook for the future, Student Housing Business conducted a survey of industry professionals over the course of several weeks in May.

The survey was segmented by industry function for specific elements of the business, allowing SHB to better understand the pandemic’s distinct influence on each segment of the industry. 

Click the links below to read our survey results by segment:

Owners and Operators Weigh In on COVID-19 Impact, Outlook for Fall Semester

Development Remains Underway Despite Slowdowns Due to COVID-19

Investment Sales Volume Largely Dependent on Universities Reopening for Fall Semester

Financing, Lending and Transactions Continue Through COVID-19 Pandemic

Students Expected to Return for On-Campus Learning this Fall

Vendors Weigh In On Challenges of COVID-19

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