Trends Report Shows Strong Student Housing Growth in Europe

by Katie Sloan

New York — A large pending transaction includes 20,179 units.

New York — Real Capital Analytics is reporting student housing market growth in Europe that could top growth in the United States this year. According to the report, Europe Capital Trends, student housing sales have risen 133 percent over the past year in Europe, with €1.7 billion in volume.


Further growth is expected, particularly with a pending portfolio deal between Barclays Capital PLC, which is selling its majority stake in the University Partnerships Programme for approximately €1.1 million to PGGM, a Dutch pension fund. University Partnerships Programme provides managed on-campus residences at several universities in the U.K.


“Institutional buyers are driving the growth in the sector for both Europe and the U.S., particularly with the former, as student housing provides one of the few suitable routes to market for institutional residential investment,” according to the report. For details on purchasing the report, visit

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