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Housing for Chinese International Students pull quote

With over 317,000 Chinese students studying at the graduate or undergraduate level in the United States, and with that number likely to grow rapidly, student housing for Chinese nationals presents a wealth of opportunities for owners and operators. COVID temporarily decreased international student enrollment, but now students are returning. This surge reflects an ongoing, global trend. A 2022 report from market research firm HolonIQ projects that the worldwide number of international students is set to increase from 5 million students currently to 8 million by 2030. “The demand amongst Chinese …

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Enclaves at College Town

Having completed the first full school year without a major interruption to the traditional classroom setting since March 2020, student housing operators are preparing for a leasing season without COVID-19 uncertainty taking center stage. Given that multifamily technology platform RealPage pegged average U.S. occupancy at a record high of 94.1 percent in the fall of 2021, repeating that performance would signal a continuing strong recovery for the sector. Joe Goodwin, senior vice president of strategic analytics and research with Asset Living, anticipates that this fall’s occupancy rate will rival last …

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