LogWare Releases PackageLog ScanCam Technology to Scan Package Receipt

by Scott Reid

Orlando, Fla. — LogWare has released its PackageLog ScanCam software that processes and logs package receipt at multifamily properties more rapidly.

The ScanCam software takes a quick photo of a package’s shipping label and then reads and understands recipient names and unit numbers. The program then tests and verifies the results, before automatically logging in the parcel.

Logware worked for nearly two years to find a solution that allows users to log packages without manually typing recipient names or requiring subscribers to buy peripheral devices to scan-in parcels. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a technology that converts images into editable data, PackageLog subscribers can use ScanCam on the label of any delivery. In milliseconds PackageLog will perform a number of tests, finding and verifying the recipient’s information, log the package in and be ready to ScanCam again.

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