Scott Reid

We all noticed something changing with Columbine in 1999. Through 9/11, Virginia Tech, Ft. Hood, Sandy Hook and the Aurora theater shooting, terms like “active shooter” and “lockdown” have made their way into our daily – yes, daily – lexicon. As risks and threats change, so too must your approach to protecting those who operate and frequent your property – be it a shopping center, a school campus, a hospital or a sports stadium. The phrase “can’t happen here” is obsolete.

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Charlotte, N.C. — Shareholders of Campus Crest Communities (NYSE:CCG) approved the merger of the company with Chicago-based Harrison Street Real Estate Capital at the company’s annual meeting on Tuesday, January 26, with 99.3 percent of shareholders voting in favor of the merger. Harrison Street announced it would acquire Campus Crest for a value of $1.9 billion in October 2015. 

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