The Scion Group Launches Mental Health Program for Residents

by Katie Sloan

Chicago — The Scion Group has launched ‘Mind at Ease,’ a monthly resource guide designed to support the mental wellness and personal development of its over 80,000 student residents. The program will equip students residing in properties across the Chicago-based company’s portfolio with resources and guidance on issues including relationships, safety at college parties and navigating academic pressure and stress. “As leaders in student housing, we recognize the pivotal role we can play in the lives of our residents who spend the majority of their time in the homes we provide them, particularly during a crucial period of life transition,” says Kenny Funk, senior vice president of operations at Scion. “Many of our residents experience independence for the first time. We believe it’s imperative that we offer more than just a roof over their heads. ‘Mind at Ease’ underscores our dedication to delivering a fulsome experience that includes support and empowerment for our residents.”   

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