Webinar: Canadian Student Housing Investment and Development

by Sarah Daniels


The April 7 webinar “O Canada – Canadian Student Housing Investment and Development,” hosted by StudentHousing Business and sponsored by Cloudwifi and Varsity Communities, focused on the changing nature of student accommodations in Canada. Panelists focused on the following topics to explore this quickly expanding market:

  • What are key differences between Canada and the United States for investors and developers?
  • Why are there so few institutional quality assets available to buy in Canada? How are investors and developers finding deals?
  • How will international students impact on- and off-campus housing?
  • How are investors and operators adding value to existing assets? Are value-add deals or ground-up development approaches more attractive?

Click to hear more on the outlook for Canadian student housing markets and unique-to-Canada considerations for this evolving landscape.


  • Gary Kenning, Cloudwifi (moderator)
  • Connor Patterson, Varsity Communities (moderator)
  • Jonathan Turnbull, Harrison Street
  • Greg Spafford, Forum Real Estate Income & Impact Fund (REIIF)
  • Mike Porritt, The Scion Group
  • Henry Morton, Campus Suites

This webinar is sponsored by Cloudwifi and Varsity Communities.

Cloudwifi connects student residences, apartments, condominiums, and commercial spaces with the best internet experience available. We design purpose-built access networks specifically for high-density properties.

Over the past 17 years, Varsity Communities has developed a specialization in the management of purpose-built Canadian student housing real estate. From their humble beginnings in Kingston, Ontario to operating 2,549 beds across 5 Canadian cities, the Varsity team has grown in scale and skill into Canada’s premier student community management firm.

Listen to hear how investors and developers are approaching the Canadian student housing industry. What lessons can they learn from the United States, plus what parts of the Canadian student housing market are unique to Canada?

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