Webinar: Creating an Inclusive Housing Experience for Students with Technology

by Sarah Daniels


The April 28 webinar “Creating an Inclusive Housing Experience for Students with Technology,” hosted by Student Housing Business and sponsored by StarRez, discussed how students can find success and feel more at home with tech-savvy housing options. Accommodating accessibility needs (including service animal tracking), gender-inclusive housing options and tech for roommate matching were just some of the topics in this brief webinar on how to make the process of student housing more successful for students and operators.

Click to hear more about these topics and more:

  • Gender-inclusive housing (and how to promote it to residents)
  • Managing service animal and emotional support animal (ESA) requests
  • Roommate matching surveys: tools and best practices
  • Legal considerations and compliance
  • Staff support for residents

Learn better ways to adapt to and suit student needs and expectations, as well as how to encourage safety, suitability and satisfaction in student housing. This webinar discusses how to promote these outcomes both on and off campus by using surveys, student feedback, software and more.


  • Ann Morgenstern, StarRez (moderator)
  • Adam Yarber, Campus Advantage
  • Rona Skinner, Rochester Institute of Technology

This webinar is sponsored by StarRez. StarRez is the world leader in housing and conference software with over 25 years experience and more than 750 customers worldwide. StarRez offers the most robust, mature and easy-to-use housing and conference software solution on the market. For more information, visit starrez.com.

Listen to hear how student expectations are evolving and how technology can create positive outcomes when it comes to accessibility, gender-inclusive housing, roommate matching and much more. Increase student investment in their communities by offering a variety of helpful options via platforms that let students be themselves.

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