Webinar: How to Make Data-Driven Decisions in Student Housing

by Sarah Daniels


The Oct. 6 webinar “How to Make Data-Driven Decisions in Student Housing,” hosted by Student Housing Business and sponsored by CollegeHouse, focused on the value of data in student housing as well as the best ways to optimize investments and operational efforts in this space. If you’re interested in data collection that is both far-reaching and automated, this webinar will interest you.

Hear from industry experts to learn best practices in the data-driven decision-making process. Learn about important metrics and analysis methods, how to approach recurring trends, responses to rates trending up or down and more.

Watch the webinar here, and see below for timestamps of some of the most important topics covered:

  • (8:50) State of the industry
  • (12:54) Where do we go from here after a record year? What to do with key metrics, including
    • Number of beds
    • Average rate per bed
    • Current occupancy and pre lease numbers
  • (21:42) Using data to manage goals for properties
  • (24:22) Maintaining efficiency
  • (29:00) Combining operations, leasing and marketing, acquisitions and others to form a cohesive strategy
  • (35:27) Pricing and affordability
  • (44:24) Using data to communicate with clients better


  • Charlie Matthews, CollegeHouse (moderator)
  • Brenna Thuesen, CA Student Living
  • Jenn Cassidy, Cardinal Group Management
  • Andrew Layton, Student Quarters

This webinar is sponsored by CollegeHouse. CollegeHouse aggregates the largest data set in the student housing industry and includes detailed performance metrics for 261 collegiate markets. For more information, visit www.collegehouse.com.

Listen to hear how student housing owners, operators, marketers and more can make use of data technology to make well-informed decisions when it comes to market information and key performance indicators. Get educated on important metrics and how best to monitor them.

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